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    Hi everyone, Welcome to the "Ask about your listing" board – I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey c... Latest reply by Vildana5
    Looking for help please @Sarah977 or any other knowledgeable hosting folks I have just found a new listing in my area that has directly copied and pasted at least 6 of the passages in my listing and used them as her own. While I understand there are on... Latest reply by Geri26
    I have 87 days of availability for my unit this summer, and before I start taking reservations for nightly stays, I'd like to try to get a 2+month rental, so I have some more freedom and no turnovers. I set up the dates (June 22 - Sept 17), and set a 60-...
    Just a question to “in the know” hosts and @Airbnb , “What happened to the “family” filter? As a live on site host, in a suburban location, of a city that has a small and limited tourist season. Two things:1. You took my “briefcase icon” away, and the o... Latest reply by Cathie19
    I want to make a post about this problem here as well, because I have written to customer service twice about this problem and I'm not sure they have sent it to the IT department to fix it... I'm using the Danish site and the language is set to Danish in ... Latest reply by Barbara83
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    hey! this is my first listing and its bizarre that when i search my suburb my listing isnt showing up. mardi gras is today and im abit disappointed as i have a INCREDIBLE view of the parade in the heart of the action.. masses of people show up at mardi gr... Latest reply by Gordon0