categorize listing

categorize listing



i have noticed new feature, category for the listing. my listing is located in one of winter resorts. categories i see are ski in ski out, skiing and national park. problem is i cannot choose one, and also no category is assigned to my listing. how can i let airbnb categorize my listing?

thank you in advance

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Hi @Niko1039 


Hope all is well! You may find it difficult to categorize your listing but here are steps I did in order to categorize my listings. 


1. Make sure to check your Listing's Categories. 

2. Optimize Your Listing Details: Airbnb uses machine learning to analyze titles, written descriptions, guest reviews, photo captions, and other data to categorize listings.


3. Report Discrepancies to Airbnb: If you notice any mistakes or omissions in the categorization of your listing, contact Airbnb’s host helpline. They will forward your request to a specialized team for review.


Hope this helps and happy hosting! 😊

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Hi @Niko1039 

Did you reach out to Airbnb support about the categories on your listing?



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