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Tawonga South, Australia

minimum stay

I have set my minimum stay for 2 nights and it has been like that for a very long time. Why is it that someone has just been able to book for a one night only? This is very concerning for me.

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Hi @Kerry51 were you able to get in touch with Airbnb and sort this out as @Joelle43 and @Helen3 recommended?



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This has happened to me about ten times @Kerry51 


call Airbnb tell them what has happened. They will look into it . Confirm it's a technical error and cancel penalty free. 

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Hello @Kerry51 


Very strange indeed because all of the dates I tried on your calendar over several months show that there is a minimum stay of 2 days.  A glitch?  A phone call to CS may be the only answer to see if they can cancel with NO penalties to you of course.


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