new listings tab not working on mobile or desktop

new listings tab not working on mobile or desktop

Hi! I signed up for the early access winter release, but the listings tab does not show any of the new features. I have the listings tab on my phone and desktop, but when I click on it, it looks like just the previous one, no new features. 

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Holly617, It's great to see you posting in our Community Center.


I would like to suggest the following troubleshooting steps to see if something changes on the page:


  1. Log out (on all affected devices/browsers)
  2. Close all browser windows/tabs 
  3. Open one new window 
  4. Clear cache, cookies, and browser history 
  5. Delete and re-install the app (if applicable).
  6. Log in with EMAILFROM_ACCOUNT.

If, after following these steps, the issue persists, could you please share some screenshots of the listing tab? That way, we will be able to forward the issue to the technical team.


Keep us posted.



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Hi @Paula, I tried all the things you had suggested to try and still no luck. I called into support today and spoke with someone about it, even screen shared, and couldn't figure out why the new listings tab isn't working. She took some screen shots and said she would send to the correct people and I would hear back. Just wanted to give you an update. I will wait to hear from someone. Thank you for your time 

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Tavares, FL

Hi, @Holly617 ! Any update on this? I am having the same issue and am working with support but without resolution so far.

Unfortunately no. I have been working with support for the past 2 weeks without any resolution. They told me yesterday they are waiting to hear from technical. 🤷‍♀️