willing to share your Inventory list? new LTR (strata rules horst)

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Vancouver, Canada

willing to share your Inventory list? new LTR (strata rules horst)

hello all. 

I am looking for a pdf for ~ Move In & Move Out Inventory Checklist ~ 

This is new to me 😛


Would anyone be willing to share any suggestions or documents please?


My strata allow LTR minimum of 30 days+ only. 






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Hi Shayla who's also called Connie.


Who's new to Airbnb but is also a superhost 😁

I'm not quite sure what you're looking for here. Inventories are normally for long term rentals.


are you intending to check guests in and out with an inventory ? 

if so I fear its likely to put guests off from booking 

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Vancouver, Canada

Hi @Helen3 , 

I have to book minimum 14 days+ and maximum 1 booking a month (strata rules) 

and when someone rental past 28 days I'm supposed to have a rental agreement.

The longest has been over 60+ days.   


So far I haven't used one at all...  And  I would only use it for myself to help if some is missing, damaged etc.  I also include more things in STR 


I have been asked for a long stay again.. 6-12 months. I figured an “inventory check list”would help with confirming content & condition and the guest & I would walk through together.  


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Hey @Shayla31 ,

Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center!

I have moved your post to a wider board for other Hosts to notice and better visibility for your query.


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