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Struggling with air B and B’s customer service and last minute Covid cancellations. Anyone else losing money and not feeling supported by air B and B? I’ve been a super host for a few years and have been fortunate to help out first responders but with this current rise in Covid cases my guests have been able to cancel same day as check in through air B and B but as a host I receive nothing. (My cancellation policy is firm) I’m losing too much money. No one is rebooking last minute. 

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hey @Teresa1674


I'm really sorry you were struggling earlier in the year with those cancellations. I thought I'd let you know that we've announced some changes to the Covid Extenuating Circumstances policy recently. You can read up more on them and let us know what you think here:


Thanks 🙂




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@Teresa1674 I had a couple of covid related cancellations and airbnb upheld my policy. I have heard of others loosing money though, particularly if guests themselves had covid

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