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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the Community Center! I'm @Bhumika , one of the Community Managers for our English Community Center along with my lovely team members @Quincy @Paula @Rebecca and @Sophia and we are thrilled to have you join us. Let's kicksta... Latest reply by Paula
    Hi all, I read the message board often and have received a lot of helpful information on being a better host however I have never started a conversation before with that said I just had to share my joy. Today when I went in to clean There was an actua... Latest reply by Rina8
    Worst Airbnb supervisor Casey hung up on me - Case Manager Richard & Casey rudest & don't care about their jobs at Airbnb at all. Ok, so I've wasted way too much time on this but based on principle - UPDATE YOUR TECHNOLOGY, Airbnb and teach your case m... Latest reply by Laura_C
    Hey there, There’s many wonderful stories here on the CC about fantastic hosting experiences with great guests. With such developed rapport between the two parties, commonalities, interests and likes must inspire some great conversations. Do you st... Latest reply by Rachael-and-Pavel0
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    Photo Credit: Farah Sosa @farahstopLos-Angeles based Superhost Burt Blackarach has always excelled at identifying great opportunities. Growing up in a family of musicians and singers, he started running his parents’ music-publishing company at the age of ... Latest reply by Lorna112
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    Today is the day we say goodbye to AirBnB as hosts. Over three years ago we began hosting on this site and while there were issues, we were very happy with the guests who came our way. Since the arrival of Plus and the dramatic increase in hosts in our ar... Latest reply by Alon1
    Hi all, So I have been chosen to participate in the Airbnb Select Programme. I have addressed and complied with ALL requirements apart from one item: Carbon Monoxide Detector. However, I do not have any gas appliance, gas mains, gas pipes, no free s... Latest reply by John1902
    I got a booking request from a guest from Trinidad & Tobago, who told me he was coming to Norway for skydiving with his friends from USA. He was arriving a few days before his friends and wanted to explore the city. He sent the arrival date, flight number... Latest reply by Letti0