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Hello Airbnb community, I have a question. I recently stayed at Airbnb and I’m trying to give my review, I can only get to where the stars are at. Is it a different section for hosts staying with other host ?And is there a place where I can write anything... Latest reply by Emilia42
Hi all. Been a host on Airbnb for many years now, but never used the community before. We were wondering whether there were any other hosts in our local area. We are Bethnal green, London, E2. Be great to connect with other local hosts! Latest reply by D-J3543
In 5 years of hosting we have had just a handfull of people we never want to see again!The " would you host them again" button is helpful, but what about warning other hosts?We have an oddball in at the moment, who hasn't been a problem, other than helped... Latest reply by Angelica-Y-Jorge0
I am looking for a whole house or apartment to rent preferably in Melbourne metro area that is eco and allergy friendly to suit a mother and her young son with extreme allergies to dust pets and many minor things if anybody can help with this you would be... Latest reply by Sarah977
We are doing a research for UMS, Research title: Determinants of Purchase Intention and Service Quality Dimensions towards Peer-to-Peer Accommodation In Malaysia.Would you help us out to fill up this form https://forms.gle/8rEWG79HLLdnboxh8Thanks for your... Latest reply by Sarah977
I’m really hanging on by a thread here. This guest stayed with us for six nights, we bent over backwards for her during her stay, she never hinted anything was wrong, left me this mystery terrible rating with no explanation. Reached out to find out where ... Latest reply by Susan990
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