Setting a Weekly or Monthly Rate: A Community Help Guide

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Setting a Weekly or Monthly Rate: A Community Help Guide

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This guide will show you how to setup a custom weekly or monthly rate.  The weekly rate applies to any reservation from 7 nights to 27 nights and the monthly rate applies to any reservation 28 nights or more.  These rates will also override your daily rates on your calendar if a guest books 7 nights or more.


Step 1: Click on "Host" and then "Manage Listings" and then choose the listing you wish to add the weekly or monthly rates to.





Step 2: Click on the "Pricing" tab from the top menu.




 Step 3: In the "Discounts" section, choose "Edit".


Step 4: Below the weekly and monthy discount boxes, you will see a sentence stating, "You can also set a custom price for a specific week or month.".  The "week" and "month" are links which will open a popup screen.  Select the rate you would like to customize. 


Step 5: Enter the amount you would like for your weekly or monthly rate and then choose "Apply" and ensure you select "Save" on the following screen.  Please also note that you are setting the weekly/monthly rate and NOT the nightly rate.  I have helped many people who have would up with bookings way before what they intended as the entered a nightly rate in the weekly rate section.


Custom Weekly Screen

custom weekly.png


Custom Monthly Rates

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@Dave-and-Deb0 I think I found a bug. On my system it won't let me set Custom weekly pricing more than 27weeks in the future.  I want to offer a weekly discount in the off season but not in the peak.  Where I have a 7 night minimum its not a problem as I can jack up the nightly price so its the price I want after discounts but it won't work where i allow shorter stays than my peak 7 night mimimum as it will outprice my listing for the shorter says.  Its also very complicated to calculate the new pricing and involves many steps to update and align the daily pricing, weekly discounts and and such.  It woudl be so much easier if i could update the custom weekly pricing.  I can put a suggestion on the Host Voice but I wanted to first validate that others are seeing the same restrictions.  or see if there are tips from others on how set up my pricing. 


A simplified example of what I'm trying to do 



What I need to do in AirBNB

Set Daily pricing $100/Night and $150/Weekends as my standard pricing with a 35% weekly discount

Set Custom Nightly pricing of like 472 so it get priced at 2147/week for Summer.

Where it gets wonky is if  I want to get 1450 for the week with the 35% discount during Spring with a 4 night minimum i would need to set my nightly price at 318.  Making it not competative without teh discount.  If I leave the pricing at 220 and 275 and someone books 7 nights or more the 35% discount woudl kick in and it would over discount giving me only 1072 vs the 1400.  And it won't allow me to set custom weekly pricing beyond the end of March right now so I can't use that to override the weekly discount. 



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@Dave-and-Deb0 Nice to meet you! I was hoping you could help me out in establishing minimum night during high season. I want to set 2week minimum booking for Christmas holidays but I says I cannot do so for over 10 nights. Is this true? I

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My custom weekly / monthly link is missing and it's set for 4 months, which I can't override. Anyone know why?

custom weekly/monthly link missingcustom weekly/monthly link missing

I don't 

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French holiday weeks run from Saturday to Saturday so this won't work here. Seasonal discounts should also be a percentage  rather than having to calculate the amount.  It would be nice to be able to choose dates on a calendar so that I can set low, mid and high season rates.

I agree - this would be really helpful.

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Hello my name is Chris. I am a host of 2 Condos in Thailand. Since the Thai Law is imposing on Owners of houses/Condos a minimum rental of 30 days, I am in a less favorable position than most other hosts here. Before I apply to install a monthly hosting, I wish to have an idea whether I will ever find/get any tenants/holiday makers for 30 days. Should I not better look for a different category of tenants like semi-/retired persons, free-Lancers, ex-pats ?

I wonder to what extent Airbnb can help me to find this category of persons.

Since this law is in force (abt 1 year)  many owners are selling their properties again. 

Thanks for any comments of advice. BR

It's great to be here with everyone, I have a lot of knowledge from what you share, to say thanks, the information and knowledge here helps me a lot. driving directions

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Looking for advice on custom weekly & monthly stays. We have month-long special events happening in October, so I don't want my usual weekly & monthly % discount rates to apply. Is there a way to lower my weekly/monthly % discount (say from 10% weekly discount to 5%) for a particular time frame?



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Yes!!! If you set custom weekly or monthly rates they override any other pricing settings.

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Hi @Josh-And-Karla0


This has been removed but you can sort of add it back here.


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Good afternoon @Andrew90 ,


Question regarding discounts as I have received different answers from Airbnb associates.


If my 3-night stay is 2% and my weekly discount is 5% and my monthly discount is 20%, what is the total monthly discount?  I have been told 20% and 27% (add nightly, weekly discount to the monthly).  Certainly, makes it difficult to set up discounts.


Thank you for your help!


This is certainly not true as these discounts do not stack.


If it is a stay between 7-27 nights, the weekly discount will apply and if it is 28 nights or more, the monthly discount applies.




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This is has been superseded by the new platform and this functionality no longer exists and therefor should be taken down.

Can someone please respond to Belle2361's question?  I am having the same problem with setting my monthly pricing by seasonality.  Can you let me know if that's going to be updated on the platform?