AirBNB don't payout and No customer service or support ??

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กทม, Thailand

AirBNB don't payout and No customer service or support ??

It has been over a week that my guest checked in and staying in my place. Usually I get paid the next day. This is the due for payment is on 20Nov and now 28Nov still not complete. Anyone experienced the same problem ? Airbnb support said it's beyond them to answer and pass on supervisor then after that Ive been passed on to next level supervisor and now still no one reply or able to tell me when or will ever get paid >< Sob

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi there @Nara263! Let me pass this on to the right team for you so that they can look into this. 

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Auckland, New Zealand

Hello @Nara263 
There's a number of similar such topics covering the fact ABB Hosts are not been paid and have been given the run around by Customer Services call centre/ department.


It would be of positive betterment to all users if @Catherine-Powell  would please ensure staff operating in this department were educated and provided skillful guidance how they can help us move forwards without been further financially disadvantaged because of these ongoing problems we find ourselves caught up in.


If they would at least instruct Customer Services to escalate these unpaid Host payments to their Payments Division to help resolve these matters it would be far more conducive to a good working relationships.


It is grossly unfair on Hosts and Customer Services staff to be caught in the crossfire of matters we have not created in the first place.


Thanks in advance



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