AirBNB must stop map zoom outs

AirBNB must stop map zoom outs

It is unfair to hosts and dishonest to guests to, instead of showing the map and accomodations of specific city guests search for, to display entire region.


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Totally agreed. Especially if there are several listings in the city they search for!

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@David8879 @Lenore22 Thanks so much for your feedback. As mentioned a couple weeks ago (here), we're looking into refinements to the map searches and the overall booking experiences so this is really useful for the team!



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@Sybe thank you, I know you are just in the middle of this heated "Fiasco Summer Release" fueled converation, so once again - thank you for your help and patience

Well, custom titles are a tricky way to say the least - small greyed out sentence under big bold STANDARD title.


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I'm not sure if it's that much of an issue to guests, but one thing I do note is that the map location of a listing, which is supposed to be "approximate" to not reveal the exact location prior to booking... 


... the exact location of the listing is always exactly in the center of the "approximate" circle. Why bother with the circle? We know where it is. 

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@David8879 I totally agree with you!