Being off the grid and managing your airbnb

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Naches, WA

Being off the grid and managing your airbnb

We are going to be rafting down a river in the middle of the wilderness for six days.  What do I do about managing my airbnb?  Any ideas?



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Community Manager
Terneuzen, Netherlands

Hi @Susie236 ! I hope you received some good tips already and have fun rafting!! Please do share some pictures afterwards, we'd love to see your adventure. 😃

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Bilthoven, Netherlands

Inform your guests who are planning to arrive the next month.
Write an automated message.
Have a friend/relative available who can be contacted if something urgent happens

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England, United Kingdom

@Susie236 snooze the listing for a week or find a trusted friend to give the account password to or find a less trusted friend to make co-host for a week.

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Auckland, New Zealand

 Go completely off grid and enjoy life!!
Put a piece on your listing at the top, or try send an automated message of you can, look here in CC using the searchbox for other ideas.

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