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I  am running Homestay at my home. In two rooms but my neighbours are not comfortable and I am a single mom with two kids I lost my husband in corona please help me what to do 

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Hello @Mrs-Sumit0


I am sharing an article that explains the laws applicable to hosting in your area. You will find information that may help you better understand the laws and regulations for hosting in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi:


I am also reaching out to some fellow local Hosts in New Delhi to see if they have any tips or advice to share: @Pulak1 @Hariom0 and @Sargun0 


I hope this helps,



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please help me for this as my neighbours are creating problem unnecessarily.I am a single mother of two kids that’s why I planned to run airbnb.




sumit sohal

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i am so sorry for your families loss.

What are your neighbours concerns? @Mrs-Sumit0 


how have you been looking to address these concerns? 


What help are you looking for from Airbnb? 

I wanna know do I need any license to run airbnb if yes than please let me know the process.As far as my knowledge it’s not necessary so please help me regarding this.I have 4 bhi at fourth floor along with roof rights so there concern is that we are living with our families if you run bnb than it is not safe so you need to stop it moreover I told them that this fourth floor belongs to me and guest will reach there only but still they are not understanding me and my need to run bnb.

Thanks dear