How are other people setting prices like this!?

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How are other people setting prices like this!?

Hi everyone,


I am really confused at how I have seen other properties on airbnb that seem to be able to apply pricing rules that I can't work out how they've done it.


The main one is they seem to be able to offer additional days for free.


e.g. it's the same price for 2 days as 3 days. so 2 days might be £800, but then 3 days is also that price. So a Fri and Sat is the same price as a Fri, Sat and Sun.


I am also seeing they can do it for multiple days during the week, e.g. if you arrive on a Sun, Mon or Tue and you leave on Wed, Thu or Fri, it's always the same price, no matter which combination of arriving and leaving. i.e. Sun-Fri = Mon-Thu = Tue-Fri = Tue-Thu, THEY'RE ALL THE SAME PRICE!

I only seem to have the option to set the price per day, so I have no idea how this is possible, even with various diff rule sets. 


The only thing I can think is they are using some sort of software that can do this, but even if they do, it must be using AirBnBs rules etc to create these pricing phenomena! Unless there is a tier of hosting that allows these functionalities if you pay more? 


Fingers crossed someone knows the answer.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Sabina258 👋


Great question. I wonder if experienced Hosts @Mike-And-Jane0@Helen3 or @Joan2709 may know if this is possible? 


Many thanks in advance for your support. 🤗



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@Sabina258 This one stumped me I am afraid. There are things called professional tools that you can switch on in your account. These then allow you to apply rulesets to your calendar but I don't think even then that you can do what you want to do. Worth a look though.

Hi @Sabina258 

@Mike-And-Jane0 mentioned Pro Tools and Rule Sets as a possibility. They may also be using a 3rd party dynamic pricing software or Property Mgmt System that could possibly do this. I'm wondering why you would want to though? Some Hosts might offer a higher price Fri/Sat and a reduced price on Thurs or Sun if they book an extra day on either end of a trip?