How do I delete the photo tour?

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How do I delete the photo tour?

I wanted to add a new picture to my listing and had to create a photo tour. It's horrid! Nothing makes sense and everything is out of order. How do i go about deleting it? 

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Hi Jenny,


I agree, I strongly dislike the new "Photo Tour".  It doesn't give me any control over what areas are featured first, and doesn't work well for my rooms, which are studio units.  I really liked the old format where I could arrange all the photos in whatever order I wanted and guide the guests myself...  Please AirBNB, make this an optional thing.  It's not really an improvement.

Agreed this new addition of Photo Tour is a mess. i also have a small guest house and it lists the kitchette as the bedroom. I cannot find a way to straighten it out either.

Hello @Sandalwood-Properties0 


I went onto your new property that has the photo tour and your kitchenette shows up as a kitchenette and the bedroom as a bedroom so it looks like you found a way to sort out the earlier problem?

Agreed! I finally got around to update the photos on our 10 listing ... didn't know any better and then realized the photo tour was horrid. I spent so much time selecting, uploading, sorting and captioning 40+ on each listing ... only to have this BS show up. 


Called in. Of course, was told that I could delete my listing. And supervisors and techs aren't available for at least 3 hours. 


So I see below that "in my spare time" I can go thru each photo on each listing and move it out of their selected room and just into the add'l photo "room". 


Would be nice if someone was available to help with the issues by phone when needed. Those who answer, with all due respect, likely only have a folder to read. 


And if one more person on their staff says ... I totally understand ... no you don't unless you are semi retired and have the number of rentals I have. I usually try to take Saturdays off. Not today. I wish there were other choices. 



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I decided to keep to the old version until we are forced to use the new system.


I have found almost all Airbnb releases have so many bugs and issues that it's worth waiting until it has been rolled out for a while.


It does make you wonder what sort of testing is done before releasing these changes.


The new calendar was unusable when it was first released, for example.



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Hi @Jenny838 ! Did you manage to add a new picture to the photo tour? 

There's an article that might be of some help, just in case : Add a Photo Tour to your listing.



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@Jenny838 To delete a Photo Tour contact Airbnb support. They deleted it for me. Takes  2-3 days.  I used their texting window interface to request this. The support person hands it off to another team. 

Yes, the PT sucks big time for cases where you want to showcase beautiful outdoors first, before indoors. I wrote commercial software for over 31 years in oil industry. We tested before rollout. Nowadays they don't; rather let the public do the testing.  Different scenarios, like beautiful outdoors settings, they don't consider before rollout. Pretty idiotic. 

How do I get in touch with AirBnB support dirrecly? All I manage is this forum.

Photo tour screwed evrything up.

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Hi @Jenny838 , you need to go to the photo tour, click on the album (ex. living room), scroll all the way to the bottom and select delete room. You would need to go through each room

album on the room tour and delete it. 

If you delete each room it eventually lists your house as a studio with no bathrooms so don’t listen to these instructions like I did

Yes, that's exactly what I was going to say- my listing has said 0 bedrooms and 0 bathrooms for the last 3 weeks and I've had no reservations and had no idea why 😵

DO NOT erase labels!  I charge 1300 a night with a one week minimum and Airbnb listed it as a studio with no bathrooms.  Shocking we did not get ANY inquires and because of that it tanked my algorithm.  Called Airbnb - 3 times got 3 different answers.  I went in and labeled photos so it showed proper baths and bedrooms, my outside is gorgeous but they do not even show up in the first 8 photos.  


I am waiting for them to remove the Photo Tour.   It's day 2 still crappy listing!

@Peter4163 @Jenny1957 

That’s what exactly happening to me. I wrote several message to the Airbnb support and after 2,3 days  they deleted the Photo Tour because I want to showcase to outdoor first. Guess what? Now my villa is listed as studio. That’s annoying! Hoped they weee going to fix it with the new May 2024 release but they didn’t.

It’s really taking the set up out of control. Seems they are really obsessed with clustering everything. They don’t realize instead that they are losing contact with the core part of hosts. 
You can even sleep as a Bollywood star but you can’t arrange the photos in whatever order you want. Lame. 

@Lisa7678  Your listing looks perfect now, no photo tour anymore and correct space / rooms description.
How did you make it possible?