How to host my first time

How to host my first time


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Hello @Emilia468 , 


Welcome to the Community Center! For starters, you can take a look at this existing resource on How to become a Host on Airbnb. After going to this page, you will be able to find multiple other resources that might help you. You can also refer to Get started with hosting.


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Hi Em for a 1st timer you're pretty good.


1. Photos - make main one the Room + The house [not bathroom or bathroom courtain :)] in top 5 so ppl can see it right away.


2. Photos, try again for the room if you can...brighter light [12-3PM] bigger photo and different angles [you renting a room, ppl need to see all of that room before they come]


3. Describe a bit more some landmarks, attractions etc - so guest can do specific checks [about a beach, cinema, fairground etc] 


4. FEEL like Home - you say, and that is good...'offer something homely if possible' [a hairdryer is a good idea, some shampoo or what u can] Also U crossed over heating [explain if u have central heating, ppl might think there is none] Tell them how big the home is, family etc [we have 3 rooms and family of 5, simple form] 


5. How available are you, when guests can contact you [if at all times - stress this] and make a House Rules manual, do you accept pets, no noise or parties, smoking or not etc.


6. Specify check in and check out times...



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