Looking for a property manager in Hastings England

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Looking for a property manager in Hastings England



We are own a flat in Hastings England and live in the US.  We are looking for a property manager or a co-host.  Any suggestions on how to find one from afar? Thanks for any help.  

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London, United Kingdom


Have you found a property manager in Hastings?


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London, United Kingdom

Good luck with that.  

I have friends with a holiday home in Hastings, and they can't even find a cleaner down there.  Since Brexit, there's no one to do the work. 

They have to clean it themselves now, which they hate, so they're selling it.  

Hi Heather


Are your friends still looking for a cleaner in Hastings?


I’m an Airbnb cleaner, based in Hastings and I’m looking to increase my hours.


Best regards


Diane McIntyre


Hello Wendy

You may have found a solution by now, but if not, I'd love to help.

I'm a Superhost with 148 5* reviews and have just moved from London to St Leonards and am keen to provide similar services in my new home town.

Let me know if you'd like to discuss how I might be able to be of assistance.

Best wishes

- Jenni


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England, United Kingdom

Hello Jenni


My partner and I are new to Airbnb and we appreciate your involvement. We have a 17th-century annex that could sleep 3 with the use of a good sofabed.


If you are still acting as a co-host could you please give me a call on **.


Thanks Rob Raeleen


**[Contact details removed -  Community Center Guidelines]

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Hi Jeni. I need someone to manage a flat in Hastings. 

My number is **.  Please give me a ring or WhatsApp me.


**[Contact details removed -  Community Center Guidelines]

Hi Irina

Am so sorry that I just noticed your message. 

Are you sorted for flat management?

I'd call but your contact details were removed by Airbnb.

Let me know how you're placed.

And again, my apologies for the delay.

- Jenni






Hi there! I'm looking for the same thing - did you find anyone you would recommend? Thanks! 


Hello Luke

Similarly, if you haven't found anyone to help make the most of your Hastings place, then I'd be happy to chat. 

As I mentioned to Wendy, I've recently moved and bring my enthusiasm and 148 5* reviews.

Kind regards

- Jenni

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London, United Kingdom

Hello @Jenni54 We are looking to air bnb our apartment in Hastings and wondered if you may be interested in a discussion.

Hi there @Dante117 

I'm definitely keen to have a discussion. 

My number is **... although Airbnb may remove it.


- Jenni


**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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They remove it because it's against Airbnb T&C to share personal contact details on their community -  why don't you just message hosts you want to pitch your cohosting services to on their profile  @Jenni54 

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I would post on the UK host chat forum on FB @Wendy1171  and ask for recommendations for a local experienced co-host.