My listing is empty for months

My listing is empty for months

I have 3 listings in Miami and they’ve always been booked very often, I would say almost a 95% occupancy rate every month yet now it’s empty, for months on end two of my listings are not getting booked! Why is this happening? Should we as hosts be concerned and take our business elsewhere. I am unable to host if no one books my properties 

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Hello @Claudia3884, I hope all is well with you.


In our community, there's a fantastic board titled 'Ask About Your Listing,' where our seasoned Hosts can provide insights on improvements to enhance your chances of receiving more bookings through 👉 'Critique My Listing' threads. it could be a great opportunity to get some great insights 😊





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@Claudia3884 If there's too much supply and not enough demand, then how does taking your business elsewhere help? 

@Claudia3884. Hi Claudia, you need to do some local research. Go onto Airbnb in public browsing mode and click though Miami listings to see who is getting booked, based on posted reviews. Then look at their facilities, pricing, guest feedback and compare to yours.


Its very soft demand at moment, based I suspect on economic conditions worldwide (travel is a discretionary expense so one of the first to get cut back) as well as new listings from those trying to make extra money. Plenty of demand for medium- longer term rentals : though thats a different business model entirely.


Good luck.