Payout to wrong account

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Payout to wrong account

Hi there, I just changed bank accounts for my payouts, however I neglected to set the new account as my default. So payout went to old account, which is closed. How do I fix please? I’ve changed the default now, but the payout has already been processed. I can’t find a customer service number to call

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I am a new host based out of Houston.


I am not an expert, but I had a similar encounter where a payment was sent to a different account.

My advise would be is to contact the bank institution where you closed the account. It is likely that the bank may have rejected it or the money was sent back to the sender. 

Or, you can also contact the Airbnb, maybe your funds are just sitting there unnoticed.

Just my two cents.

Hopefully you find some resolution. And, good luck.

Yours truly,


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Hello @Barbara3466, our Host Jasmine has shared some excellent advice. Have you contacted your bank or reached out to the support team yet? If not, here's the link to get in touch with them.


I hope this helps!



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