Nursing housing stays: WHERE HAVE THEY GONE?

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Victorville, CA

Nursing housing stays: WHERE HAVE THEY GONE?

I was finding success booking long term stays with traveling nurses up until about last March.  What happened?  What do I do?  I have holes and extended days of non booking now.  Help!  Ingrid in California.

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Hi @Ingrid345 


It's definitely frustrating when you see your bookings take a hit 😥

I'm not sure anyone would specifically have experience booking with traveling nurses but perhaps some of the experienced Hosts of our Community might take a look at your listings and make some recommendations to boost them. 

@John7474 @Marisa182 @Lorina14 Might you have any wise words or advice to share with @Ingrid345



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@Ingrid345 @Breanna 


Hello Ingrid -


Your listing looks amazing!  I guess just be patient, thing will pick back up!


Again, you have a wonderful listing!





awww @John7474   Thank You! 😊 that’s was nice and encouraging.