Pet fees- Charge per pet

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Pet fees- Charge per pet

Hi! It would be great if Airbnb had an option for guests to be charged per pet if hosts allow more than one. My pet fee is $75 for a stay but I want that to be for each pet, not for all. I had a guest bring two large dogs on her last day, and would have loved to recoup the money that I paid extra for cleaning by having $150 to cover, not $75. Thanks! 

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Hello @Nikki43 ,


The request to charge per pet has been around for some time. If you search for "pet fee," you will find lots of ideas and different practices.


There are hosts who allow only one pet because the fee is for one pet. If a guest wants to bring another pet, consider requesting the additional fee through the "request money" option in the reservation. Consider offering some kind of discount for the second pet, such as 25-50%, when requesting the additional fee.


I had a guest who checked in with two dogs. Perhaps due to the long car ride, one of them vomited on the carpet as soon as it entered the house. It was an awkward moment, but the guest and I hurried to clean everything up.

I stopped charging a cleaning fee and I now charge $50 pet fee, I allow up to three pets. Pet fee is basically a cleaning fee in my opinion and the cleaning is basically the same for 1-3 pets in my opinion. You still have to vacuum, mop, and wash everything whether 1 pet or 3. So far no pet damage.