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Victoria, Australia

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Do I need a QR code for guests in Victoria, Australia?

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Hiya @Laurelle4 ,


Welcome to the Community Center! Could you let me know a little bit more about your question? For what reason do you need a QR code for your guests?





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Hi Stephanie,


I have the same question. Do we need to have a QR code due to Covid?



We use a QR Code for WiFi logins for the guests. It is in a our framed instructions for WiFi login. 

I just suggested having the ability to add pics of QR Codes so we can send it out to guests in our automated messages.  Or if Airbnb would set up there own QR Code generator that will automatically put a QR Code along with hosts WiFi information.  

Maybe you could mention this to the tech people as well. 

Please feel free to ask questions. 


Why did I get a QR code as a guest on my reservation when the host will send me 4 digit code when I check in?

@Russell371 what is the QR code for? Is it for their lock on the door?



@Marty-and-Rob0 I was asking the question about the QR code.  I am a guest and my reservation had this code on it.  No one that I have asked so far seems to know why a guest would have a QR code.  Do you know Marty and Rob0?

No, not off hand. We do not see what the guests see.  
what is the QR code for? When you focus your cell phone camera on it, where does the link take you to? That should answer your question. Otherwise just call or message Airbnb and ask them.