Quebec CITQ deadline March 28?!?!?!

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Quebec CITQ deadline March 28?!?!?!



I don't know how i missed this! and about 90% of Quebec hosts are scrambling to get CITQ numbers :S Im getting a notification saying the deadline is March 28th. I have submitted my documents  but am waiting to hear back! What happens to all bookings if I don't hear back before the 28th? 

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@Deann216   Is the deadline from the CITQ department or from AirBnB? 


If it is from the CITQ department and you have proof that you have submitted your paperwork prior to their deadline of March 28th and are waiting on THEM to provide you with a number, then you are fine.  Just keep waiting and hosting.




Can you please share where you received this "factual" information because I am not sure this is true in this case?  Are you aware of the reason they are cracking down on Airbnb's in Quebec?


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@Dave-and-Deb0   If I have mis-interpreted the statement made by the OP, please forgive me.  Yes, I am aware of the horrible event and why there is a crack-down, and I hope that the government agency involved has hired many persons to assist the applicants with the submission process.  


This registration number has been required since 2021.  I thought that the OP needed an [annually] updated number and that the agency was too slow in providing it.  





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Sadly, if your number is not in place, your listing will likely be shut down tomorrow or the next day and I suspect Airbnb will cancel any future reservations. 


I would suggest changing your listing to 32 nights or more to take it out of the short term category until you get your CITG number. 


This is the message that was sent to all hosts affected.


"Get a registration number today
Hosts in Quebec are required to obtain a registration number to operate short-term rentals. All short-term rental listings without a registration number on Airbnb will be deactivated on Tuesday, March 28th. To continue hosting short-term stays, you must apply for a registration number and submit it on your listing page.
Update your registration information
Listings that only host long-term stays (31+ days) aren’t required to register. You can make this switch in your availability settings."


I wish you all the best. 


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