STR Permit requirements for Palmdale CA

STR Permit requirements for Palmdale CA

Hi Members,

I am inquiring regarding rules and regulations for using a home as a Vacation Rentals or Home Sharing (like airbnb) for the city of Palmdale, CA
To be specific, I would like to know the regulations and process to use a secondary home as a vacation rental in Palmdale
1. Do we need a Business licence, pay tot, inspection process, floor plans to be submitted etc ?
2. Can we rent it for less than 30 days?
3. Do we need a short term rental permit? If yes, what is the process ?




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Good Morning Sam ~

Your questions are excellent and important. As hosts we agree to comply with our local laws and regulations. 

May I suggest you visit with the staff at your Palmdale Planning and Zoning department? Every municipality and every county in my region has different regulations, so my best guess would be that Palmdale has its own. 

I am also in California, so it is likely your regulations and mine are similar. Everything you listed is required for us, here. 

This should be easy for you to find out, and if your local P&Z staff are anything like ours, they will be very helpful. 

Best wishes to you!


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Hi @Shailesh13, you may also want to connect with local hosts as they might be able to offer some advice as well. Perhaps it's worth taking a look on our "Get Local" for this 🙂



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Check this out and then go to your city's website for more information.

See if Palmdale has a hosting club and if not, start one!

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Hello I am currently trying to set up my short term rental in Palmdale. Yes you do need licence, Go to Palmdale Business licence to obtain a registration receipt first. I paid 214 dollars, next apply for business licence to obtain licence and send them you registration of receipt to them.

Hopefully that help!


Hi @Takisha2 , have you done it? I am thinking about the same.. I guess I need a Permit first , is that right? But my question is: Is it working/ are there people looking for airbnb in Palmdale? Thanks