Scheduled Message / Multi-Language

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Scheduled Message / Multi-Language


it’d be cool if AirB in “scheduled messages” can also integrate a multi-language feature, where the host can map which guest’s resident-location’s language is mapped to which message language version. Like a checkbox per language where the host has created a language version of the scheduled message, and the selection of a language (for example English) for all other guest’s resident-location’s language.




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Wow, how can you make a feature so useless. Basically every non-english speaking country needs to send at least the local language and english. It's really not that hard to identify the guests language and then sending the appropriate message out. Most PMS even have this features.

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Just an update on how I do it until they release the feature : to avoid multiple languages in each message (which is pretty annoying to find specific info and shows that the message is automatic) I have automated messages in the 2 languages; for my case I have 4 automatic messages : a check-in message in French, a check-in message in English, a check-out message in French and a checkout message in English. When I receive a booking notification I go to my Airbnb app, accept the booking and then I chose to ignore the 2 automatic messages that are in the wrong language. It takes a couple of second each time but kind of solves the issue until Airbnb releases a feature. Hope this can help !

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Could you explain how to choose ignore?

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This feature would be a life saver and would greatly improve the guests usability of the platform. Comunication is vital in this business and being able to communicate in the right language seems to be a no brainer all hands developer marathon.
The way i see it is on the same automatic message be able to fill in the same message in different languages and if the guest doesn't speak any of those, use the default language. 

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Would be useful to have!

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Totally agree, very needed. 
Airbnb must learn from It's been a while since they implemented such a feature and works like a charm.

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At Booking, they simply use the browser's preferred language to map which message language to send. Not rocket science.

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agreed +++

Please deliver @Airbnb 

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I fully agree.


At first I thought I'm doing something wrong when I saw that guests received messages in both Bulgarian and English. I was surprised to find out that it wasn't a feature.


So I simply stopped using the Bulgarian messages now. Even Bulgarian guests get the automated English messages.


It's not ideal though, as others pointed out. It's weird for 2 people who speak the same native tongue to send texts in English.


The easiest way for this would be to select the language from the app/browser of the booker and if that language is not included in the list of languages for automated messages, either to be able to select which language is the default for each particular host or if that's too complicated - to have English as the default for all hosts.


It doesn't sound way too hard to be implemented and, if promoted properly by Airbnb to hosts, would be greatly utilized to help guests have a much more personalized experience here on the platform. All the while saving time and effort for the hosts. 


Out of which Airbnb will have a great benefit, too.

Hi, could you help me understand how it works? I am new here :). I have selected 3 languages. Right now I am busy designing the scheduled messages.


How can I assure (and control) which language will be sent? I thought I can prepare 3 same messages in 3 languages and Airbnb will select the one which fits the customer, but if I read it correctly it is not the case and all these messages are sent to the customer? (e.g. a welcome note will be sent 3 times at the same moment in 3 languages because I prepared 3 individual messages).


What would you suggest? Writing everything in English? Does Airbnb maybe translate any message for the customer anyway? So keep the base in English and the customers get it translated anyway?


Thank you so much for your help!


KR, Kasia