Setting up hosting

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Oxford, United Kingdom

Setting up hosting

Is there somewhere to read about the pros and cons of setting up a new AirBnb hosting account for someone else? The someone else is busy and anyway just doesn’t enjoy screens. Ongoing management will be fine. 

For example does giving my details to start the process lock my ID as the owner? Or for example are all the fields editable after setup?


thanks ❤️

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Hi @Christopher1565 


As it sounds like you are not familiar with Airbnb it may be better to help your friend/relative by directing them to an 'ambassador' on Airbnb who can help them set up their listing for them. 

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Swannanoa, NC

@Christopher1565  You can set up the account, but DO NOT include any of your information as it then becomes "your" account.  


You have to "be" the other person.  If they are too busy to sit with you and go through the process or provide you with the necessary information to verify their identity for an AirBnB account, then wait until they are ready.  If they already have an AirBnB account, they must be willing to share their password or change it temporarily to allow you access to set up the listing and then change their password to something new after you have completed the work.


You cannot set up the listing under your own login and then transfer the listing to the other person.  


From your own account, examine the details on your Account page.  Everything appears to be editable but be aware that the Account Verification -- i.e., when you started the process and the means you used to verify an identity as an AirBnB host or guest IS NOT editable -- you are you.

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