HELLO!  I am filing my taxes for my airbnb my "tax documents" section is shows "no tax documents issued", and I never received any paper in the mail.   I can see my earnings in my earnings statement.  I do my taxes myself online and I have no idea whether to file a 1099-MISC, a 1099-NEC or a 1099-K...does anyone know?  I cannot seem to find a direct answer online. thanks!  

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@Christy305  As the recipient of the earnings, YOU do not file a 1099.  Talk to a tax professional or diligently read the IRS publications about 1099s. 

hi!  thanks for replying!  oh thank goodness I waited!  So no 1099 then?  I have been reading online and can't seem to figure it out.  Do you know how I would file that income then? or are you saying that since I did not meet the 2 x criteria of the 1099-K that I don't file at all?  

sorry I meant to add that its states to file a 1099-K IF and ONLY IF: I made over $20K AND had 200 reservations...which is not the case.   So thats why I figured I'm supposed to file a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC but I dont seem to fit the NEC criteria either. 

@Christy305 As @Lorna170 said, YOU don't file or have anything to do with a 1099, as you are the recipient of the income. You file a Schedule E with your tax return and you declare the earnings shown in your AirBnB records.