Thinking of hosting my desert Home in Indio.

Thinking of hosting my desert Home in Indio.

Hello everyone! 

I currently own a home in Indio Ca and do not know where to start. I would like to list my home on Airbnb and if anyone can help me with some advice on where to start? We use to have it under Vacasa, but their % was too high for me. Now, I want more hands on to be able to provide a full experience to my guest with no middle person. I know first thing is a license. Any advice? A bit nervous for me since it’s all new. 

Thank you in advance 



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Hello @Claudia3977 


It's great to hear you're considering hosting your desert home in Indio on Airbnb. Transitioning from using a property management service like Vacasa to managing it yourself can indeed be a big step, but it's also very rewarding. Here few tips that I believe should help you get started:


Firstly, ensure you have the necessary licenses and permits from Indio city authorities.

Secondly, create an appealing Airbnb listing with high-quality photos and a detailed description. it is also important to price competitively by comparing with local listings.


Thirdly make your home welcoming with essential amenities like WiFi, air conditioning, and safety features. You may want to use smart locks for easy access and automate communication for efficiency.


Lastly, actively ask guests for feedback to continually improve their experience. Connect with other hosts online or locally for support and tips.


Taking these steps will help you manage your property effectively and provide a great experience for your guests. Good luck with your new hosting adventure!

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Hello @Claudia3977, welcome to our community 😊


Our amazing Host, Lodge, has offered some great advice. Have you had the chance to read his suggestions?


I'm also sharing a few guides that could be useful as you get started:


I hope this helps ✌️



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Hey Claudia! Have you considered working with an individual to manage your listing? My rates are far lower than Vacasa's and my service in much better. If you're interested, shoot me a message to discuss!

Hello @Brian408,


it’s a 30 day rental because our HOAs do not allow anything less than 30

I'm happy to work with that if you're still looking for a manager.