Urgent Concern Regarding Guest Insurance Coverage - Need Community Support

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Urgent Concern Regarding Guest Insurance Coverage - Need Community Support

Dear Airbnb Host Community,


I hope this post finds you all well. As a new host who recently listed my space on Airbnb, I have found incredible support and guidance from this community. Today, however, I find myself in a rather distressing situation, and I'm reaching out to seek your advice and support.


With my first guests scheduled to arrive this week, I wanted to ensure that Airbnb's insurance fully covers me. I contacted an Airbnb Help Agent to inquire about insurance coverage in case of unfortunate incidents, such as the death of a guest due to an accident at my property. Shockingly, I received no definitive answer to my query.


The Help Agent vaguely mentioned that a "Specialized Team" would assist me in such cases, as it falls under a separate policy. Naturally, I requested to speak with this specialized team and review the policy to understand the coverage better. However, to my dismay, the Help Agent marked my ticket as "solved" and refused to address my concerns further.


I cannot stress enough how vital it is for Airbnb to address such a serious matter promptly. It is alarming that a crucial question regarding insurance coverage remains unanswered.


Therefore, I kindly request your support and advice in escalating this matter within the Airbnb community. If any of you have encountered a similar situation or have insights into Airbnb's insurance policies, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. 


I sincerely hope that by bringing attention to this issue, we can foster a more transparent and reliable insurance system that provides all hosts clarity and peace of mind. Thank you for your time and support.


Warm regards,


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@Aimée21 See the  link


Or if it doesn't work Google Airbnb liability insurance. The liability part of Aircover is proper insurance product so presumably offers better protection than the damage part. That said I wouldn't rely on either and would always advise hosts takeout a level of insurance cover suited to them. One thing you will never get from Airbnb is a policy with your name on it so you cannot prove insurance is in place easily.

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences regarding Airbnb liability insurance. I have read the host liability insurance information and found that it only mentions coverage in case of injury, but not death. The Airbnb help agent mentioned another insurance policy that covers death but refused to provide me with the details of that separate policy.

@Aimée21 Another good reason to have your own policy. I am no lawyer but I would have thought injury effectively  covers death  (the death just being a consequence of a severe injury) as it would be hard for someone to die if they have not suffered some sort of injury first assuming it is not a natural death where no claim would be possible. Whether $1m is sufficient liability insurance is, of course, a different matter altogether.

I have never heard of any other policies offered by Airbnb.

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As @Mike-And-Jane0 said, just forget about trying to understand AirCover. Contact an insurance agent specializing in short-term rentals.


This obviously isn’t the way it should be, but not relying on AirCover is the right advice. Spinning your wheels on this won’t help. This is just the reality.


I would roll over in a dead faint if I read that CS sat with a host and meticulously went through the Aircover coverage with them. It makes me smile to even envision this.

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@Aimée21  AirCover does not replace the insurance policy that you should have obtained for your property.  Speak to an insurance agent about the coverage you currently have and what  coverage you need to have for your AirBnB.  Do not rely on AirBnB to protect you.