What is your Booking Rate? (Poll)

What is your Booking Rate? (Poll)

Hello! We are relatively new to AirBnB, and we don't know what a normal Booking Rate is.

We can only see our own, so if you are willing to share your Booking Rate, maybe we can all gain some insight!

We are in San Francisco, and ours has varied from 0.6% to 1.1% over the last few weeks.

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The variables are just too many to provide an apples/apples comparison. 


Example, I live on a very northern rural island - this is a VERY slow time of year. My booking rate is going to be vastly different from warm locations. The number one of listings in my area is probably a fraction compared to most other locations. 


But, because I hate when people (me!) give long answers but never answer the question, my booking rate for the past 30 Days is 1.7%.



@Willow3, I completely agree with you; there are so many variables affecting Booking Rate that I would hesitate to claim an Apples/Apples comparison even for two listings of the same type in the same city, much less for listings of different types in different places.

I don't think anyone is trying to compare anyone with anyone, though. I just figured knowing what other people have experienced with their Booking Rate is better than *not* knowing what anyone else is experiencing.


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Hi @Matthew285

My listing is snoozed for the winter but summer ranges from 0.5% to 2.4%

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Hello @Matthew285,


I live in a "pass through" city and get about 7 one night reservations for every two night one. Anything longer that 2 nights happens only once every 2 months or so.


The booking rate has been less than 1% in the past. The current value is 4.5%

Any time I've looked at it over the past few months it's been in the low to mid single digits, like 3 to 4%.



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@Matthew285 I’m at 2.4%

@Matthew285 mine is super low too.. always.. 1% or less


ABB acts like this means there is a problem with the listing, but I submit for your consideration...


If I answer something in CC, and somebody thinks "what is she talking about, I'm going to go look at her listing..." Views but that person was never going to book.


Or if a nearby host or someone contemplating hosting scans listings in the area to compare product or pricing... Views but that person was never going to book.


Or if city code compliance is scanning listings looking for illegal rentals... Views but that person was never going to book.


Or if more than one person is coming and they all want to review the listings... Views but only one booking.


Or if a yucky irresponsible person looks at my listing and then realized that I'm paying attention and they will not get away with being naughty here... Views but no booking, thank goodness.


Who knows why views are high and bookings are low... I don't even know what counts as a view. Every single photo or scroll is a view or are views one per IP address per ever or per day???? I have no idea. 


Good question

@Kelly149, I didn't realize that my Booking Rate was super low! (This is part of why I was asking what other people have.)

And I agree with you: there are all kinds of reasons why a persons Booking Rate might be lower, and often it has nothing to do with the quality of the listing or the host. You give a lot of good examples of that.

Plus, even though our Booking Rate is pretty low, our Occupancy is relatively high, and that's really what counts.


I agree that one's booking rate is influenced by many factors. Our booking rate has never gotten to one percent. today I was happy to see it at 0.6% and that is perhaps the highest I have seen it in the four years we have been operating airbnb.  I suspect that one reason for our low booking rate is the fact that we have a minimum  stay of four nights.  What may be more important is your occupancy rate rather than your booking rate. 

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Haha!!! Mine is currently 0% - my history shows that half of my monthly booking rates are 0%. My highest was in May 1.3%.

FYI, I usually get long term bookings and my occupancy rate for 2017 is currently at 80%. I've already blocked a significant # of days for Jan~Feb for some down time and am already booked for end of Feb~end of Jun 2018 so I doubt I will be getting a lot of views or bookings anyway~


@Jessica-and-Henry0, that's right! If a listing gets really booked up a lot in advance, it could certainly affect your booking rate.

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Agreed. One of my rooms is almost fully booked until July 2019, which is as far ahead as I allow it to be booked. There are only eight available dates in the calendar until then and I have turned down booking requests for some of these.


That listing has a much lower booking rate than my other ones that have more availability. I don't pay any attention to views/booking rates anymore as I get all the bookings I can handle.


Occupancy is the thing to pay attention to. Only if there was a problem with that would I check out views. If those were low and there was no obvious reason, e.g. it's a quiet season, then I would investigate my position in the searches. Booking rate is pretty meaningless in my opinion, unless you are getting tonnes of views and no bookings at all!

I think.a booking rate that's approaching 0 just means that you are all bout quality over quantity

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About 3%-4%