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    I received a strange message stating that this person wouldn't recommend my place because I don't treat my guest well. Asked her to elaborate as I have had straight 5's except the one problem guest that after 56 days gave me all ones. She said I don't ans... Latest reply by Gillian166
    My 1099 figures do not equal my pay outs. I understand that Airbnb makes tax payments on my behalf that may be included in the 1099 figures. I've looked at it from several angles and I can't get the numbers to work. I feel like it should just be a simp... Latest reply by Brett393
    hi i wonder if anyone could help me. Im waiting on 3 payouts that were meant to arrive in my account 3rd June. In my transaction history on the air bnb app these are displayed as paid. I’ve still not received these payouts and can only assume I may have... Latest reply by Adnane13