moving in fee charged from strata

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Vancouver, Canada

moving in fee charged from strata

 I wanted to discuss an issue regarding a recent letter I received from our strata. They are requesting a $200 moving fee for each new guest staying in our unit for at least 30 days or more. I find this fee to be unreasonable, especially considering that our unit is fully furnished.

I was wondering if you are aware of any other condo strata that charges a moving fee for Airbnb hosts? It would be helpful to gather some information on how other strata handle similar situations. Your insights and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Vancouver, Canada

I have convinced them to cancel the fee, but now they are asking me to submit Form K along with a copy of the lease to ensure that there are no stays less than the 30-day minimum for a furnished rental. However, for Airbnb, it is categorized as a licensed rental rather than a traditional tenancy. Therefore, submitting a copy of the lease does not apply to this situation. Do you also need to submit Form K and a copy of the lease in your condo as well ?  thanks 

@Yunhua0. I have heard of it, but mostly to do with problems of excess rubbish left by longer stay tenants when they leave. If you are an owner you should contact your strata committee (or strata company if this task is delegated) and ask for an amendment to what would here be called a By- Law. Was the fee in place already or did you miss the notification of a proposed by law change to vote on it? Here they cant just implement a new fee that affects all strata owners.


Laws I have seen here start at 90 days, but this would also align with our rental laws, not STR laws. When I had a strata fully furnished long term rental this by- law was proposed (but defeated). I objected because like you, what expense was the building incurring when tenants move out with a couple of suitcases (and the odd pot plant??).


I agree it doesnt make sense or is fair.

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Yunhua0 ,


Did you manage to gather more information about this?

If you are still looking for more insights, I am reaching out to our other Host members from Canada @M199 @Brenda1339 @Karen816 @Meda53 @Eric6609 and @En-Ees0 if they have a slightest hint of this situation.

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I’ve never heard of this.


It’s unsettling reading about all of the strategies being dreamed up by condo associations and governments to thwart our efforts to open our homes to others.

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