payouts frozen for 10 days

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payouts frozen for 10 days

missing payout due KYC even everything is verified.


Hello i have a problem with Airbnb and their payouts, Im waiting for 10 days for my payout to be released. 

Does anyone else have this problem? dont know what to do because everytime i ask about it i recive the same answer.


is there a away to speed up this process by airbnb? and why im a waiting so long? PLEASE HELP!!




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Prepare for a long wait. I have been trying to get my payments since June now, even when I uploaded all my information repeatedly. They admitted its a problem on their end. They will tell you they have "specialist teams" looking into it to just ghost you afterwards. Customer Support is not answering, after a couple of calls they stopped responding apart from " please be patient" messages once a week and only in reply to more complaints form my side. Stop accepting new requests immediately. You are not the only one, many hosts are affected.

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@Peter3918 @Leo3708 


This may be of interest to you regarding the processing of ABB Payments systems, complex to say the least however it explains where and who should be involved in fixing up all the monies owed to Hosts and Guests.

It can't be any easy job alas none of us asked for our monies owed to be disrupted and certainly not as long term pre-exisiting Customers who ABB CS should be aware they have an obligation to comply with Customer Due Diligence that we are existing  customers and not necessarily new Customers / Hosts who generally have to wait til their first 3 reviews or 3o days for a Payment.

It would help if they trained and educated there Support Team a lot better with Policy as opposed to Tick the Box KYC carry on templates.


Unified Payments Data Read at Airbnb

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Hi @Leo3708


So sorry to hear about this trouble with your payouts. Have you heard anything from customer support about this since making your post? Please keep us updated about how it goes!



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