transaction history csv date format

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transaction history csv date format


it's about transaction history

Getting the transactions in a csv file format seems quite easy. But when I upload the file to Excel, the dates are a mixed format - some US and some UK. Some dates are also not 'date' format - but text that looks like a date. This is really frustrating when trying to organise my transaction data for tax purposes. I need all dates in the same formate .


Please help


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When you convert the .Csvf fiel from Text to Colum, there is an option "Delimited --> Next -->Date"


Under the "Colum Date Format" part of the small window, you need to select your computer date format and then excel will convert it to the correct format. The Csv file comes out in an american format.


Hope this explanation helps??


If you maybe need more help with your Csv file, you can also check the following link:




I basically did an excel template which automates the CSV data you get...


Stay healthy!



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I came here for the exact same issue. 
Please Airbnb make your date formats standardised so that its simple to sort and change date format. 
Ive been working on this for an hour and not getting anywhere, it should be easy but excel wont format... 

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