Airbnb Safety Team Warning

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Belfast, United Kingdom

Airbnb Safety Team Warning

Hi all.

I have recently had a listing removed from Airbnb due to false accusations from an alleged "neighbour". I can prove that the allegations are false.

Airbnb Safety team removed my property listing only to reinstate it with a WARNING after their investigation.

I have also learned that they did not contact any of the neighbours of the company that manages the complex.

I have a legal right (in the UK) to access the details and confront the perpetrator of any malicious attacks.

I have asked for a case reference number or to speak with a superior but the safety representative is now ignoring my emails.

Now I am left with this warning and the fear that someone is on a personal vendetta again me or the listing.

Is there any way I can escalate this issue or any options open to me to resolve the issue, Please post.

Thank in advance


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England, United Kingdom

@Sean1062 I would be interested to understand what legal right you have to see the details of the complainant.

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