Available dates show as blocked on the calendar

Pentyrch, United Kingdom
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My calendar is not allowing people to book on dates when the property is available. We only want to allow weekend bookings (check-in Fridays and Saturdays) six months in advance at the moment and we have hosted 4 bookings successfully with 5 Star reviews. However none of the available dates in 2022 are showing as being available to book, apart from a random Sunday or two.


I spoke to the Help Desk who checked dates on my property as a guest and they confirmed that they saw the same thing. They then checked the calendar under my profile and saw that the dates in question are indeed available. How can this happen? It makes no sense.


The query has been raised but I have not heard back. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Available dates show as blocked on the calendar

England, United Kingdom
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@Martyn71 Only thought I have is that you are using rule sets and have ticked no check in or check out on every day of the week. Otherwise it makes no sense to me as you only have a few days in March available when I look

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