Best practices for hosts that provide transparency to the property owners?

Gilbert, AZ
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Hello! I am a new vacation rental manager and I have a question for all of the experienced hosts on how to best set up my accounts for my efficiency and to provide transparency for the owners of the vacation rentals that I manage. 

My goal is to have upwards of 20 properties that I would host, and each of the properties would potentially have different owners. So my question: how do I set up my listings on Airbnb to provide each owners access to see ONLY their listing and not the others?


It seems I have 2 options:

1. Create each listing under my one host account and add each owner as a CoHost (or as a team member?) to their listing only. This allows them some access so they can be a "silent witness". But does the owner still get notifications of bookings? payouts? Can they see the message threads with the guests?


2. Create separate host accounts for each listing and give the owner my login and password so they can have 100% access to the listing. This allows them to see every aspect of what the host is doing. It also forces me, the host, to have to log in and log out of different accounts all day / every day.


And here's another question to complicate this issue further: If I have each of my listings also listed on VRBO, does the strategy change? (VRBO forces PM's of multiple properties to use option #2 above.) 


Am I missing any other options? Any insight hosts could provide would be extremely helpful! I appreciate it!

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Re: Best practices for hosts that provide transparency to the property owners?

Newport, NH
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I am trying to do the same thing. I am wondering what you ended up doing? Thanks

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