Booking Conversion Export for All Properties

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Booking Conversion Export for All Properties



We manage nearly 60 properties on Airbnb.  We were SUPER EXCITED when we saw the Monthly Performance Report released some time back.  


Unfortunately, after reviewing the data included, we were quite disappointed that the "booking conversion" data wasn't "exportable".  With 60 properties to optimize, the dashboard just does't provide the flexibility to optimize conversion effective.


Does anyone know if there's a slick and easy way to export the conversion data?


To be clear, below are the metrics we're after:


1. Overall Conversion Rate

2. First-page Search Impression Rate

3. Search-to-listing conversion

4. Listing-to-booking conversion


I think a Quarterly Frequency would probably be ideal, as it should make the data statistically significant in order to derive meaningful insights.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Terneuzen, Netherlands

Hi @Peter3127 ! Having the option to export this data would definitely be useful in some cases so I'll gladly pass that on for you. It'd be great if you could do the same using the Feedback Form.


I also found this Help Centre article on performance data for conversion, perhaps that could give some ideas?

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