Can't Redeem Gift Card

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Harrison, NJ

Can't Redeem Gift Card

I am trying to redeem gift cards that I bought online for a trip, I am based in the US. But I keep receiving the error "Unable to perform action. Please try again later or contact support if you need immediate assistance."


Anyone else have similiar issues?

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Marysville, OH

I am having the exact issue.  I received three gift cards through Discover (I am not the Discover card holder) - one Airbnb gift card worked and the other two do not.  Discover cannot help me and been talking with Airbnb several times with no success.  Can they not deactivate the nonworking gift cards and issue new ones?

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Seattle, WA

I am having a similar problem where Airbnb can not access the cards. They are not able to even validate if the cards have funds on them. It feels like this should be a class action lawsuit. 

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Tempe, AZ

I have a physical Airbnb gift card that I received as a gift. The pin is not working and I'm an unable to redeem it on I have spent hours and wasted a bunch of my time on the phone trying to get in touch with someone who has any answers or anyone that knows how to resolve this issue. VERY frustrating to say the least! First they tell me to contact for support. I do this and they tell me that they "do not have access" to deal with physical cards that were not ordered on their website. They tell me to call customer service again. I do that and every person I get tells me that they can't help me. I request a call back or an email with a solution. No one calls me back. So I have to keep calling back to be told the same thing. It's not until I reach out to their social media account that I actually get someone to call me back. I speak with this person (Anthony, who has worked there for "6 years") and he/she tells me that they don't have access and that there is no department to help me. This is unacceptable. If you are in customer service you should find the answer instead of just telling people you can't help them. I was also told to go to the grocery store where the card was purchased and ask them. WHAT? Ummm....this was a gift and I don't have a receipt so how in the world is someone who stocks groceries, works at a checkout line, or customer service desk selling cigarettes going to help me reset a pin on an AIRBNB gift card??? To top it off, the phone number on the physical Airbnb gift card is disconnected!!! Cheese and rice...someone has to have answers! Please share this information with your customer service department AND me for the love of god!!!

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London, United Kingdom

I have had exactly the same issue! it’s three separate gift cards all given to me as a gift! They are telling me to contact the stores. So frustrating!! It’s nearly £200 in vouchers I can’t use 😭

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Fairfield, CA

I am having the sae problem. Were you able to redeem your GC?

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Edmonton, Canada

Hi @Nick315


How are you?  You can add the gift card by clicking or

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Baltimore, MD

 This doesn't work! I have tried to add the gift cards both through the payment methods page and the gift card page, but I keep getting the same error as the original poster. 

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