I am an Air bnb host in the city of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I recently had a code violation notice put on my rental door. When I called the city they said that I'm zoned R2. That means no short term rentals. I know I'm not the only one in my city that this has happened to. I'm looking for others in this situation so that we can have a large enough group to fight City Hall. Lord knows I got no where on my own. I was told that the law has been in effect for a long time and they went going to change it. I have a hotel on the other side of my property fence.  Its Time we get together and fight for our right to Air bnb. 


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Re: City of New Smyrna Beach. No short term rentals.

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Hi Beth. I was just going to put in an offer on a house but something told me to search regulations. I see this is happening in a lot of cities and states. Apparently Daytona area is tough. NSB idk, but being that is not too far I imagine it's the same. Ormond Beach same story. Yes, people are still doing it. Some are getting fined, tho. How are you doing with the idea? I am starting to look elsewhere in Florida. 

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