Covid restrictions in New Zealand

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Tauranga, New Zealand

Covid restrictions in New Zealand

Our restrictions are going to be lifted from tomorrow, this is a worry as up till now we have been asking for guests to be fully vaccinated and to show their vaccination passport on arrival. We run a B&B within our home and one of us is compromised with our health so we have to be careful. With the borders opening and the guests arriving from overseas as well, we are not sure that we would still have the right to ask for proof of vaccination. What do other B&B owners do to keep themselves safe?

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Berlin, Germany

@Phil---Liz0   Whether you can still ask for proof of vaccination depends on your local laws. But most cases of the current variants are being transmitted by and between vaccinated people, so unfortunately your requirements would be useless to you anyway. 


If you can set up your home in such a way that guests have minimal contact with indoor common areas, or have separate entrances and bathrooms, you might be able to pull this off. But if someone in the home faces a major health risk from a possible exposure, I would not under any circumstances recommend continuing to host inside the house. It's just not worth it. 

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