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Is there a phone number or email address where I can get in touch with an Airbnb representative who is a manager of the resolution department or escalation specialist?


Our rental, which we never actually stayed in, was unfortunately a huge disappointment and we believe against Airbnb’s policies.  We just spent 4 hours driving back home with two children in the car (just tucked them into bed) and are just done unloading for a trip that was supposed to be our family’s big vacation this summer.  


Distraught with the host, and ditto for the help we’ve received so far from talking the rep from Airbnb.


Thanks for any help/guidance!  🙂

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Re: Escalation procedure

Dallas, TX
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@Matthew1352  I am so sorry that happened to you. Can you be more specific about the issue you encountered? Unfortunately Airbnb CS is not the best these days, so other hosts on this platform might have better advice if they knew the issue. 

the main number is +1-844-234-2500. In my experience, they don’t provide direct numbers to the support ambassadors or managers. Usually you just have to be very persistent and wait to hear from them via email. 

Re: Escalation procedure

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I recently checked into a property in Tulum, Mexico (Villa Passiflora). Nine hours after arrival, the villa lost power due to an accident outside the house and remained without power. Contacted the host and agent and they agreed that we would depart and find other accommodation. Advised airbnb according to the rules I could find online. Host agreed in writing in the airbnb messaging portal to a full refund. 


Now that I'm home, the host tells me she can't get the airbnb portal to process a refund, and airbnb says they can't process a refund without the host's approval, and they can't contact the host. They see what the host said to me in messaging, but nonetheless, "so sorry, no refund." All of this information is delivered with all the niceness one expects from the Manila call center, but getting them to move forward or escalate seems to be impossible.


I asked my resolution rep how I could escalate this complaint to someone higher up and she's not talking. Does anyone know how to get to a more senior person? I suppose it's possible the host promised a refund in messages but doesn't intend to refund the money, but I really don't understand why the matter is being treated so nonchalantly by airbnb staff. It's as if losing USD 1300 for a property we were only in for 9 hours (rather than a week) is nothing to be fussed about. 


Thanks for any info. 

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