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 Good morning,

 My name is Carrie Disrud and I have an Airbnb in Williams Bay Wisconsin called Gemini Springs. I finished the cottage last year and had several guests . So my season started this year June 1 and I’ve had many bookings since but something went wrong with my last booking and I would like someone to help me answer some questions that I have on making better choices..

 this past weekend I preapproved a young man and made a bad assumption that the booking was finalized but in the process it was canceled and without my knowledge or my lack of going back to double check it fell through and I declined to other guests response because I thought it was Paypal so here’s the question :

 What should I have done better to event this situation from happening.? 

 Is there a way to recover the gas that might have wanted it for that one second day of today’s day or is it too late? 

 OK one more question when you decline reservations does that make a bad review or mark on your profile? 

 Thank you so much for listening and reading  my concerns!


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Berlin, Germany
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@Carrie245  It's important to note the difference between an Inquiry and a Request. With an inquiry, it's not necessary to "pre-approve" or decline - these guests are only asking a question, so you're only required to write a response. A Request is binding, so when you click Accept you have a confirmed booking.


You also have the option of declining a Request, and it will not affect your reviews or profile. Airbnb has the controversial practice of setting a target "Acceptance Rate" of 88% in its Basic Requirements and putting ominous notices on your dashboard when you fall below it, so hosts feel penalized when they decline an inappropriate requests. I strongly disagree with this practice, though; in my opinion the consequences of accepting an ill-fitting booking are far worse.

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