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This is daisy flores Apparently it’s hard to reach anyone with authority while trying to talk to customer service they always give me the runaround and I never reach any resolution at all I am trying to reach anyone with authority to help me resolve this issue 

You guys failed to say that Airbnb is not able to host quarantine in Hawaii Hawaii state laws are very strict about Airbnb‘s hosting anyone and unfortunate situation happened to us where we were put under quarantine and we had no place to stay we were able to find a nearby hotel late at night after dealing with the airports and everything for hours with my children the Airbnb host was hard to find in the first place and once I did she had no idea what was going on or what to do she was completely lost 
We never checked and we never used our Airbnb and it was an unfortunate situation we were put under quarantine when we got to the airport this was unexpected we thought we had all the paperwork that we needed that was required and Hawaii state laws are very strict about exactly what paperwork you need
I have been trying to talk to customer service for days now and it’s been since May 27 and I can’t read the resolution because the host will not refund me or even change the dates or even talk to me she won’t answer anyone she refuses to even acknowledge the fact that it was an unexpected situation and it is not my fault that Airbnb cannot host anyone otherwise I would’ve stayed in her place she also failed to tell me that in case of an emergency also Airbnb forgot to mention in any way possible that Airbnb has a lot of laws inIn Hawaii if I would’ve known I would’ve just booked a regular hotel to be 100% safe
It is a large amount of money that the hose is trying to keep and I think they should be other solutions for the holes contacting with me because she doesn’t want to answer and she doesn’t care to answer
Who can i contact how can i get in contact with anyone ? The customer service department just gives me the runaround every single time that I call no one really has any other options or they are just willing to keep my money I have been a loyal customer for a really long time and I am really disappointed
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You better cancel the reservation and have some refund (if any), depending on cancellation policy attached. Please note booking an accommodation in these pandemic times brings risks as described by you, which are not covered by Airbnb Extenuating Circunstances Policy, related to COVID. 

Travellers must have proper travel insurrance.


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