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This is out of hand. I am a pet / animal free airbnb but more and more people are bringing their pets stating they are service / assistance pets which is not true!  This is so scary.  I share the yard with my small children and the dogs are not safe. Furthermore me and my children clean the guesthouse ourselves and I have two severe asthmatics. It is listed on my account that I cannot accept animals due to health ans safety concerns, and now I have been yelled at and turned into airbnb for discrimination. Airbnb has sent me a warning. The airbnb support that I talked to said they would have someone call me as he was not trained to help here, but I have not hear from anyone to help me.  Ive only received the warning email due to the potential guest who was angry and turned me in.  How are we supported as hosts on this issue?  I feel this is getting out of hand and I am tagged as discriminating even though I’ve kindly stated my safety and Health reasons.  Ive been an airbnb host for 3 years and it’s never been this bad - guests bringing their pets regardless. Help.  

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Your houserules mention:

"We cannot accept animals including assistance animals due to serious health and safety concerns for both us and your pet - approved by Airbnb."


I was wondering: How is this  "approved by Airbnb" ?

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Hello @Stephanie766 


I'm not sure why this is happening to you I haven't had anyone try to do this in six years of your hosting. How do you vet your guests before accepting their bookings?


You can't write that it is approved by Airbnb that you don't take service animals. This is incorrect. Their policy states that if you are a HOMESHARE home you can refuse service dog because of health conditions such as asthma/if you have a dog in your home.  


What you can do is confirm in your house rules that if someone brings a service dog they need to 


A. confirm which tasks it helps its owner with

B they need to confirm that as it is a service animal it will be with its owner at all times and cannot be left alone in the property.

C. that service animals are not allowed to access the shared yard and it is shared by your family and your children are severe asthmatic (I am presuming you mean dogs trigger their asthma)


If you don't have CCTV have this installed so you can see who is using your property.


Best of luck

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