Push Notifications no longer work on any platform

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A few weeks ago I did not get a notification to review a guest.  Then I did not get a notification a guest was coming; soon I realized I was getting no notifications.  Multiple calls to customer service, turned over to 'ambassadors' to investigate end up being closed by a BOT without resolution.  So, I have stopped taking reservations.  I am spending too much time searching around for everything when the notification system guided me for years and years and years.  I have been a Super Host for 5 years but am now looking for a new platform on which to host.  No one wants to help or seems to know how to help.  I've had it.

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Re: Push Notifications no longer work on any platform

Sayulita, Mexico
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@Michael2757  This happens sometimes, and it's a real drag. A couple years ago they stopped sending me text notifications. It took a month to get them running again. 


The thing to do is to go into your settings and check all the ways to receive alerts- email, text and push. They shouldn't all fail at the same time.


When I reported it, the CS  rep was so aggravating- first he said "Maybe your text message capacity is full".  Duh, like I wouldn't have made sure that wasn't the case before wasting time contacting them. Then it was "It must be an issue with your phone provider". No, I get everyone else's text messages. Finally he deigned to talk to to the tech team and admitted it was a glitch on their end. Suddenly, a month later, they started up again. But in the meantime, I was receiving alerts by email.


Now when I have to contact CS, I always use the messaging option, and put "TECH ISSUE" or "TRUST AND SAFETY ISSUE" in the first line, as the case may be, which usually seems to get things passed on to someone in the correct dept, instead of having to faff around endlessly with no-nothing telephone answering robots.

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