Refused planning permission for my Airbnb

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Refused planning permission for my Airbnb


I am very upset as i have been refused planning permission for my Airbnb in Edinburgh  There have never been any issues and the neighbours have been very supportive.  What is the last date that I can let it out?  Is it up until the end of March 2024?




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Hi Lynn,


I am so sorry to hear that. There is a company called And they work with the council and hosts in Scotland. I would give them a call or drop them an email.


Let me know how you get on.

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Lusby, MD

@Lynn1268 I found this article that says the deadline for applying for a license is April 2023

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Terneuzen, Netherlands

Hi @Lynn1268 !


Did you find the answer to your question? You could try posting in one of the Host Clubs and check if any Hosts local to you know more. You can find the Host Clubs here:

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