Using my bonus to book a break

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I have just found a code (sent in June last year) which I should have used when booking a break.  I have now booked this break and although I have asked for help regarding how to use this bonus there has been no response.  The break has been paid for directly from my account - as I have not registered the bonus code.  Hove I lost this or is there a way of asking for a refund?  Hopefully my 'community'  will give me some guidance.

I have had a message asking me to go to the 'help' section on my page but no offer of help in directing me where to get this info.  This is so frustrating!!

Trish Metcalf

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Re: Using my bonus to book a break

Berlin, Germany
Level 10

@Patricia2151   If your payment for the trip has already been paid in full, I don't think there's a way in-system to change the payment method. But if the booking is still within the grace period for free cancellations, you can try cancelling it and re-booking it with your voucher. 

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