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    Hi, I am new to Airbnb and have realized after a couple of guests that Airbnb is not collecting occupancy tax for me. After talking to CS I have not got the answer to my question. I see some people in the area have the tax taken out and others not. I ... Latest reply by Ronnie134
    I have been trying to making a booking since yesterday. I started seeing this error "Unfortunately, a server error prevented your request from being completed. Airbnb may be undergoing maintenance or your connection may have timed out. Please try again." ... Latest reply by Brian2481
    I need to change the dates of a reservation(same host and location) and will be doing so within the allotted timeframe for a full refund according to the host policy. Also the rate is the same for my new booking dates. My question is, will I get charged... Latest reply by Huma0
    We recently had guests who after arriving told us they had a permit to carry a 9mm Glock handgun which they had with them. We thanked them for their honesty in advising us that they had it with them. However, we are not comfortable with guests having guns... Latest reply by C144
    ゲストの見落とし、報復、こちらに否があろうがなかろうが、問答無用で制裁を加えるシステムが発動。 何が原因で、何を変更すればよいのかも伝えられない。期間も伝えられない。審査基準も分からない。 いきなり予約リクエストが止まった場合はこれが原因です。 高評価以外は切り捨てていくようです。個性的な物件はどんどんなくなりそう。   Latest reply by Emiel1
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    SATX Hosts, I live here in San Antonio and am looking into opening an Airbnb. I was wondering if any of you could share any insights or updates on things going on in San Antonio for Airbnbs, as far as the process of getting a permit to operate or any othe... Latest reply by Debra521