inconsistent pricing

Seattle, WA
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I'm brand new on here - my pricing is set at 1146.00 per week AFTER 21% discount being set for weekly rentals and monthly price is 3213.00 AFTER 49% discount for monthly rentals. Why did I receive a booking request at the price of 3934.00 for two months? How did the system come up with this number? Even with the 'new offer 20% discount' on top of the rates I'm offering, it still does NOT come to 3934 for two months. I have auto pricing set but it doesn't fall that low.


I have reviewed the details until I'm dizzy. It seems there are layers and layers and layers of settings. 


Also what's everyone charging for a cleaning fee (1 bedroom private apartment with laundry facilities) and what are you asking for a damage deposit?

thanks so much,


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